Connecting to MySQL with MS Access & MyODBC

MS Access users can connect to their MySQL database installing the MyODBC driver on their PC. MyODBC acts as an interface between the MySQL service at your website and the ODBC service on your personal computer. MyODBC version 3.51+ is required.
MyODBC is a third-party product produced by MySQL AB. Please consult the MyODBC FAQ for further information regarding MyODBC.

Make sure that your MySQL database has been set up and that remote access has been enabled. You may contact support to set up MySQL or enable remote access.

Download and install MyODBC on your Access server.

Create a new Data Source Name using the MyODBC 3.51+ driver. The ODBC DSN screenshots refer to Windows 98, other versions may appear slightly different. You may skip to the bottom for MyODBC connection parameters.

Open the ODBC control panel.

In Windows 2000/XP, the ODBC panel
is at

Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Data Sources (ODBC).

Select "Add..."
Select the MyODBC 3.51 Driver.
Enter the connection parameters. Select "Test Data Source" to determine whether the DSN has been configured correctly.

MyODBC connection parameters:
Server Name:your domain name
Database Name:your database name, usually identical to your username
User:your assigned MySQL username
Password:your assigned MySQL password or server password
Port:3306 (or blank)

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