How to use in your website provides a way for users to use a drop-down <SELECT> form to surf to different areas of your site.

Here is an example code snippet for a browsing control for some of the big websites:

<FORM ACTION="/cgi-world/">
<SELECT NAME="goto" size=1>
<OPTION VALUE="">Slashdot
</SELECT> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Go"> </FORM>

This usage would give users a dropdown box like the one below, selecting any of the names would take the user to that website (http:// is provided automatically, so please don't put that in the VALUE).

In addition to the standard calls, we have implemented a special feature for our customers. You can now set the default URL on the fly via calling your script's action like this <FORM ACTION="/cgi-world/>. This allows you to set the default URL to anything you like without having to edit the script and have a seperate copy for each default URL. If you don't specify a default URL the default will be set to . The default URL is the page that users will be sent to if they don't select a URL.

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