How to configure Eudora Light 3.0.6 for Windows to receive Email

This document shows screenshots for Euroda Light 3.0.6 for Windows. Configuration of Eudora Pro (the commercial version) should be very similar.

NOTE: In the examples below you must replace with your actual domain name.

Start Eudora Light

Go to the "Tools" menu and click on "Options..."

Click on the "Getting Started" picture

In the "POP Account" box enter
(yes that is a percent sign and yes the "entire string" is the POP account name).
Be sure to replace with your domain name, and the you part with the account name of the POP box you configured.

Enter your real name in the "Real Name" box

Enter your Email address in the "Return Address" box

Click on the "Hosts" picture to the left.

Verify that is your "POP account" where is your Email address with a % instead of an @ (IE- becomes to login to the POP server) and you replace with your real domain name.

Put either the address of your ISP's SMTP server or in the "SMTP" box (depending upon your ISP you might only be able to use their outgoing SMTP server). Your ISP may refer to it as the SMTP server or as the Outgoing Mail server, they are the same thing.

Click on the "Checking Mail" icon to the left.

Verify that your POP account is the same as it has been in all of the other dialog boxes (

Make sure "Save password" is checked, otherwise you will need to input your password every time you start Euroda.

Make sure "Leave mail on server" is NOT checked. If it is checked, you may only have 10MB of mail on the server. When your 10MB limit is reached the server will begin rejecting Email for that mailbox with a message informing the remote user that you have filled your quota and can not receive any more mail.

Click on the "Sending Mail" icon to the left.

Make sure the "Return Address" is your Email address.

Make sure the "SMTP Server" is your ISP's SMTP (or outbound mail) server or

You are now finished with your Email configuration! You can check your Email by clicking on the 2nd icon on the toolbar from the left (Red arrow pointing at a piece of mail).

NOTE: You must first check your email before the server will allow you to send email if you entered in the
outgoing SMTP server box.

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