How to configure Outlook Express 5 for Windows to receive Email

This guide was written using Outlook Express 5, from the Internet Explorer 5 installation for Windows 98. Older versions of Outlook Express (AKA Internet Mail and News) may be slightly different.

NOTE: In the examples below you must replace with your actual domain name.

Start Outlook Express 5

Go to the "Tools" menu and then click on "Accounts...".

Click on the "Add" button and then select "Mail".

Enter your Real Name in the box and click "Next >".

Select "I already have an Email address that I'd like to use" and put your Email address in the box.

Click "Next >".

In the "My incoming mail server is a" box select "POP3". Enter in the "Incoming mail server" box (remember to replace with your real domain name). Enter your ISP's SMTP (AKA outgoing mail) server or in the "Outgoing mail server" box (depending upon your ISP you might only be able to use their outgoing SMTP server).

Click "Next >".

In the "Account name" box enter
(yes that is a percent sign and yes the "entire string" is the account name).

If you are checking mail for you would enter
(yes that is a percent sign and yes the "entire string" is the account name).

(IE- if your Email address if your account name is

Enter your password in the "Password" box and check "Remember password" unless you want the program to ask for your password every time you start it.

Make sure that "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" is NOT checked.

Click "Next >".

Click "Finish".

You should now see an entry for your newly created mail server in the "Mail" list.

Click "Close".

You are finished! You can now send and receive Email by clicking the button on the toolbar.

NOTE: You must first check your email before the server will allow you to send email if you entered in the outgoing SMTP server box.

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