How to configure Pegasus to receive Email

This guide will help you configure Pegasus Email to receive mail from your server. However, due to the sheer complexity of Pegasus we can not provide official support for it. This page should serve merely as a guide for the advanced user who needs the power of Pegasus. If you don't need Pegasus's very advanced features, please use a simpler, supported, client like Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Outlook Express, or Eudora.

Start Pegasus

Go to the "File" menu and click "Network configuration...".

In the "POP3 host" box type

In the "User name" box type
(yes that is a percent sign and yes the "entire string" is the user name).

In the "SMTP host" box type either the address of your ISP's SMTP server or (depending upon your ISP you might only be able to use their outgoing SMTP server).

This concludes the basic configuration of Pegasus mail, however as you can see from the screenshot above there are *MANY* more features available. If you need help with Pegasus mail, please use their webpage at

NOTE: You must first check your email before the server will allow you to send email if you entered in the "SMTP host" box.

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