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Q. What is a POP account.

A. Simply put, a POP account is a mail box with its own password. Your account comes with the default POP account (mail box) already setup. The postmaster POP account can not be deleted so we suggest to use the postmaster account as your catchall email account if you are going to have a catchall account.

Q. What is an Alias?

A. An alias can direct emails sent to to go to a certain POP account (mailbox) you have setup. Example: If you setup an alias for to go to your webmaster POP account (mail box) then any email sent to will go into the webmaster POP account (mail box). You can have several aliases all going to the same POP account (mail box).

Q. What is a Forward?

A. A forward will forward email sent to to an outside email address such as your ISP email account. Example: You could setup a forward so that all mail sent to would be forwarded to

Q. What is an Autoresponder?

A. When someone sends an email to your autoresponder email address they will get back a pre-configured email that you set in your autoresponder. The autoresponder can also forward you all emails sent to it after it sends the sender the message you set it up to send.

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