FrontPage 2002 Support

Common Tasks

Accessing your FrontPage web
Publishing your existing FrontPage web to a new location
Making and saving changes to your FrontPage web


I am trying to add a user to a password-protected subweb, but I get the error:
"error removing one or more users: the following user name does not exist"

I was unable to publish my web via HTTP, so I published via FTP instead. Now my web pages
don't appear in my browser.

I got an error stating, "Cannot close file '/home/myweb/www/_vti_pvt/service.cnf'".

My webbots/hover buttons/menus stopped working.
I published my FrontPage web, but my server's home page still says "Under Construction".

Accessing a web

Start the FrontPage program.
Select File -> Open Web.
Enter "http://" followed by your server's IP address
or domain name (e.g. ""). If the
DNS has recently been changed, the domain name
may still point to the previous IP address, and you
should use the IP address format.
Enter the username and password associated
with your web. The username and password for the
root web are those assigned when the server was
set up. Subwebs may have different usernames and
If the login is successful, the Open Web window will appear. Select Open from
this window.

Publishing an existing web

Start the FrontPage program.

Open the web that you want to publish.
If the web is located on another server, you can
follow our instructions for accessing a FrontPage
, substituting appropriate values for the IP address,
username, and password from your other server.

Select File -> Publish Web.
Enter "http://" followed by your server's IP address
or domain name.
Check "include subwebs" if you have subwebs that
you would like to publish. Otherwise, leave the box

Select "Publish".

Publishing the site may take several minutes or more,
depending on the size of the web and the speed of your