FrontPage 2002 Troubleshooting Topics

I am trying to add a user to a password-protected subweb, but I get the error: "error removing one or more users: the following user name does not exist"

This is a FrontPage bug. When adding a browse-only user, you need to add the user as browse-author, apply changes, and then remove author permissions.

I was unable to publish my web via HTTP, so I published via FTP instead. Now my web pages don't appear in my browser.

This can happen when you publish to a server that has not had FrontPage Server Extensions installed.

FrontPage allows you to publish via FTP if FrontPage extensions have not been installed on your server. However, the base directory for FTP publishing is your home directory, which is one level below the www directory that the web server uses to serve pages. You need to add "/www" to the publishing location when publishing via FTP.

The preferred method is to have FrontPage extensions installed and to publish via HTTP.

I get an error stating: Cannot close file "/home/myweb/www/_vti_pvt/service.cnf"

Your account is over its disk quota. You need to either delete some files or request additional disk space.

My webbots/hover buttons/menus stopped working.

Recalculating Hyperlinks may fix the problem.

I published my FrontPage web, but my server's home page still says "Under Construction".

Your server has a default index page at /index.html. Rename or delete this page, or rename your web's index page to index.html.

Recalculate Hyperlinks

This procedure fixes a number of FrontPage-related problems.

Select Tools -> Recalculate Hyperlinks and choose "Yes".