How to access your FTP server using CuteFTP 3.0

This guide will step you through the process of connecting to your server using FTP so you can upload and download files to your website and anonymous FTP server. For a full description on where to place files for certain types of activity, please click on the help tab in your control panel.

Start CuteFTP

Click the book icon on the toolbar (the first one on the left)

Click the "Add Site" button

Put a name you can easily identify as your website in the "Site Label" box. Put (replacing with your domain name) in the "Host Address" box. Put your username in the "User ID" box. Put your password in the "Password" box. Put / in the "Initial Remote Directory" box. Click "OK".

You should now see a listing for your FTP account somewhere in the bookmarks area (it should be in the folder you created it in).

You are finished! You can now click on your site and then hit "Connect" in the FTP Site Manager window to connect to your server to upload and download files.

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