How to access your FTP sever using SmartFTP

This guide covers how to connect to your server to upload and download files to your website and anonymous FTP server.

For a full description on where to place files for certain types of activity, please click on the help tab in your control panel.

Start SmartFTP

Enter (replace with your real domain name) in the "URL" box. Enter your username in the "Login" box. Enter your password in the "Password" box. Click on the globe icon on the toolbar to connect (far left button).

When you are connected a window will appear above showing a directory tree on the left and the files on the right. To upload files, you must first open a local directory browser by clicking on the icon that looks like a small computer (in the middle of the toolbar), which will open another browsing window for your local files. You can now drag and drop files between the windows to upload/download.

You are done! You can now access your site just like it was on your local computer!

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