How to access your FTP sever using WSFTP LE

This guide covers how to connect to your server to upload and download files to your website and anonymous FTP server. For a full description on where to place files for certain types of activity, please click on the help tab in your control panel.


Click on the "Connect" button at the bottom of your screen.

Click the "New" button

Enter in the "Host Name/Address" box (replace with your real domain name).

Enter your username in the "User ID" box.

Enter your password in the "Password" box and check "Save Pwd" if you want the program to remember your password in the future.

Click OK and you will be connected to your site.

You are now connected to your server. To transfer files, select them in one window and click the arrows indicating the direction you want to transfer them (your computer is on the left, your server on the right).

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