Using Fetch to upload your files

NOTE: In the examples below you must replace with your actual domain name.

Pull down the "File" menu and choose "New Connection".

Enter your domain name, user name and password. Leave the Directory field blank and click OK.

Your are now logged into your home directory. Double click on the www directory.

You are now logged into your www directory. This is where you will upload all of your files to be viewed on the web. Notice there is already an index.html file in your www directory. This index file just says under construction and will be over written when you upload your index.html file. You should name the main page of your website index.html.

To upload a single file you can click on the "Put File" button. First make sure you have the "Automatic" radio button checked.

To upload several files at one time pull down the "Remote" menu and choose "Put Folders and Files".

In the top dialog box choose the folder on your computer where your website files are located. You can add files one at a time by highlighting the file you want to add in the top dialog box and then click the "Add" button or you can click the "Add All" button and add all of the files that are in the top dialog box.

After you are done adding the files from the top dialog box to the bottom dialog box (by clicking add or add all) you will click on the "Done" button.

Make sure you set the two pull down menus exactly as they are above and click the "OK" button.