To add an alias, first go to your email control panel at:

Log into your postmaster account (this is your master email account).

Type In:

Master Account: postmaster
Domain Name: type in your domain name
Password: type in your server password

Under "Quick Links" click on the link "New Aliases".

In the pull down menu chose the Email account you want the alias to go to.

To setup an alias for type only the word info in the text box as above. Click the Add button.

Now when someone sends an email to it will go to the Email account (or what ever Email account you chose in the pull down menu above).

That's all there is to setting up an alias. If you want to modify or add to the alias continue reading.

Click on the link "Aliases Forwards".

To modify the alias click on the "Modify button".

You can have the alias go to more then one (local) Email account by choosing the Email account from in the pull down menu and clicking the "Add" button.

Or you can have the alias go to another email address too by typing in the email address in the "Add Email Address" text box and then click on the "Add" button.

To delete an alias click on the button as above.

Always log out of your email control panel when you are finished.

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