Autoresponder (mail robot)

To add an Autoresponder (mail robot), first go to your email control panel at:

Log into your postmaster account (this is your master email account).

Type In:

Master Account: postmaster
Domain Name: type in your domain name
Password: type in your server password

Under "Quick Links" click on the link "New Mail Robot".

In the above example we are setting up an autoresponder for

You would fill in the fields as follows:

Autoresponder Name: you would only enter the word tools not

Send copy to: (this is the full email address where you want all email that is sent to the autoresponder to go to. If you do not want to get the emails that are sent to the autoresponder leave this field blank).

Subject: This is the subject of the email your autoresponder will send.

In the large text box to the left of the "add" button you type in the message you want people to receive when they send an email to your autoresponder at

That's all there is to setting up an autoresponder (mail robot). If you want to modify the autoresponder continue reading.

Click on the link "Mail Robots".

If you want to modify the autoresponder click on the "modify" button.

To delete the autoresponder click on the "Delete" button.

Always log out of your email control panel when you are finished.

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