MySQL support

How do I set up my MySQL database?

Send an email to requesting that we create a MySQL database for your site.

Can I have multiple databases?

Yes, additional databases are available for a one-time fee. Contact support to request additional databases.

My script returned an access error when trying to connect to my database. What is wrong?

(Have you set up the database and are you using the correct username and password?) Set the host parameter in your script's database connection routine to "localhost".

I got an access error when I tried to connect to my database via my desktop MySQL client.

Only local database access is allowed by default. Contact support to enable remote access to your database.

How do I manage my MySQL database?

We provide online database management with PHPMyAdmin.

The URL is

where "" refers to your site's domain name.

If remote access is enabled (see above), you may also manage your database using any desktop MySQL management utility.

How can I export my Access database to MySQL?

You can import, export, and link tables between MS Access and MySQL using the MyODBC driver.

If you have an existing Access database containing data that you want to integrate with your website, we recommend that you set up a MySQL database on your website here (see above), and then install MyODBC, configure an ODBC DSN, and export your Access database to your MySQL database.

See the following URLs:

Configuring a MyODBC DSN with your MySQL Database
Importing MySQL Tables to MS Access
Exporting MS Access Tables to MySQL
Linking MySQL to MS Access

How do I access my MySQL database with ASP?

This example assumes your server supports ASP pages and that MySQL has been set up. Contact support if you are unsure whether your server supports ASP.

You can use a DSN-less connection string to access your database. Example ASP code follows:

ConnString = "Driver={MySQL};SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=database;UID=username;PASSWORD=password"
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
Conn.Open ConnString

You will need to replace "database", "username", and "password" with the values specific to your database.

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