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sqwebmail is a web-based system that enables you to access an email (pop) account with us via a web-based interface similar to hotmail.com¨ or other services.

Step 1.

Step 2.
    Once there you'll see a screen like that on the right-->

    In the field labeled 'Email:', enter the full email address you want to check using the web based interface.

    In the field labeled "Password:", enter the password for the email account you entered in the first field.

    The checkbox below those fields increases security when you access your accounts via this interface by letting only the computer you are currently using access the account you are using for that session. Once you logout, you can log back in from any other computer you choose. It applies to each session individually. We recommend you leave this checked unless you have specific reason not to.

    AOL users: Leave the box unchecked. IP address-based security will not work with AOL.

    Note: The form on the right is only an example. You need to click the link above to actually enter the web based interface.

Restrict access to your IP address
only (increased security)

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